Branding & Brand Management

Executives frequently ignore the importance of product branding and brand management. They do so while being attracted to “branded” products in their daily purchases. Branding allows a firm to draw attention to it and its products, build loyalty, and oftentimes obtain premium pricing whether it is at the wholesale or retail level. Suppliers also benefit from branding as it warrants premium pricing and gives reason for manufacturers to use your products. Additionally, suppliers can often get “free” advertising and support from the manufacturers who use their products and whose products gain value by having your components installed. Well branded products are recognized by enthusiasts as providing additional value. Good branding not only includes the “brand” but product differentiation that personifies the brand.

Gallasch Consulting can:

  • Analyze the strength, equity, and durability of your brands and products
  • Suggest ways to brand your business be it at the corporate and/or product level
  • Explain how you can leverage your brand to get manufacturers to promote your brand
  • Suggest ways to differentiate your brand and products so users and enthusiasts recognize, ask for, and promote them