Personal Branding

It is a myth to think that you will be rewarded solely on the basis of your hard work. If you do not brand yourself, someone else will. The stronger your personal brand, the more value you will bring to your employer and/or clients. In today’s world of social networking and job search, it is important that you take
charge of your own brand. It is extremely important in small businesses where the entrepreneur’s brand is often seen as the business brand.
If you are seeking a new job, new position within your existing firm or you just want to have more influence, you need to assess the current status of your brand. Decide whether or not you need to reinforce or change it to support achieving your career and business goals.

Using several one-on-one sessions and homework assignments, Gallasch Consulting can:

  • Assist your assessment of your current and future goals,
    interests, and career preferences
  • Assess your actual versus desired personal “characterization”
  • Complete and review your personal strengthens, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis) with regards to your desired career, job, or business direction
  • Help you develop actions for strengthening or diminishing your weaknesses, taking advantage of your strengths and opportunities, and limiting threats in pursuit of your goals
  • Assess your current brand and brand equity
  • Review your current web presence and public persona and develop suggestions for moving it in the desired direction
  • Evaluate your style and visual image with suggestions for a more impactful visual image and items that will enhance your impact and memorability
  • Help you develop a powerful brand statement