Who we are

Fred Gallasch, Ph.D.

Fred Gallasch is a graduate of Hampden-College (References from Hampden-Sydney Record) in Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics and a minor in chemistry. He obtained the Master of Economics and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from North Carolina State University in Raleigh with concentrations in microeconomics, marketing, econometrics, statistics, and demand analysis. Dr. Gallasch is published in professional and enthusiast publications and is known for his key note addresses at professional, business, academic, and enthusiast events.

Following a number of years teaching at community college, university, and adjunct master’s levels, Dr. Gallasch moved to the automobile industry to lead a 30+ person R&D department which studied impact of government regulations, energy issues, product quality, and customer satisfaction, and developed marketing and demand models.

He then moved to brand product management and drove content and design, engineering executions, and pricing of the 5th generation Corvette. Sales of this new model increased over 50% compared to the previous generation. He developed and executed the model, pricing, and launch strategies.

Dr. Gallasch developed an action plan for the automotive accessories business assuring that vehicle specific accessories were available and established independent Accessory Distributor Installers to assist dealers with marketing, sales, and installation of accessories. Sales grew to over $250 million annually.

He was chosen to apply “lean” principles to operations of Vehicle Sales, Service, and Marketing resulting in $79 million reduction in structural costs.

Dr. Gallasch opened Gallasch Consulting Services, LLC to bring his broad knowledge especially of the automotive business to clients. For SKF, Inc., he developed a branding strategy to differentiate a new wheel hub as a “performance” product obtaining premium pricing and application on four vehicles and a decision to sell this product into the performance aftermarket. This resulted in $20 million in sales revenues. Allied Waste Industries, Inc. asked Dr. Gallasch to develop and execute a sales incentive program for 200 candidates who would get a car upon obtaining their sales targets. He provided candidates access to the sports car. He acquired, serviced, repaired, and shipped cars within 37 states, all within budget and per the schedule.