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March 17, 2009

Dear Fred:

I feel compelled to thank you strongly for the work you have done for SKF and myself. In my life when big things are accomplished, I have had great luck on having the right people on the team and you have been the “right people” on our service parts growth quest.

In today’s world everything is measured in dollars and cents! Well, you equally measure up here! My personal estimate of $20 million of CTS-V & Corvette in SKF additional sales is conservative with very good profit contribution.

But more importantly, the change agent part of the formula: you have performed way beyond expectations. Our SKF people are now focused on the service and low volume segments and have also exceeded my expectations.

Changing people’s habits is a huge contribution to our organization and appreciated! The team you developed and your key contacts made it happen.

In closing, I have written very few letters like this. Thanks again. I am working on our next opportunity.


George W. Dettloff
President & CEO

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Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

Mr. Fred Gallasch
30575 Rosemond Drive
Franklin, MI 48025

Dear Fred,

With our merger now complete, I have time to reflect on our Corvette incentive promotion. As a waste services provider, our knowledge of the automotive industry was limited, which is a risky situation when the incentive involves the potential purchase of approximately 300 Corvettes. Your extensive understanding of the industry and broad network of contacts were instrumental to successfully implementing this program.

The unexpected bonus was your appreciation and creative insights for marketing the program within our organization. From tapping the Corvette family to suggesting an event at the museum, your ideas offered out-of-the-box opportunities for us to leverage this program within the organization to drive the desired business results.

I thank you for your time and profound efforts in support of this program and I look forward to working with you in the future.


James Zeumer
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs, Communications and Investor Relations
Allied Waste Industries, Inc.

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